Red Devil Black Cat White Dog Card Table
Linoleum, paint, CNC’d plywood
31” x 31” x 27.5”

This table is the product of countless flow charts made in an ill-fated attempt to make sense of Georgia’s relationship to the rest of the nation, which ultimately produced more questions than answers. Made of inlaid linoleum, this table seeks to depict these contradictory conclusions. The table top repurposes iconography from scratch-off lottery tickets and early video games to construct an indecipherable mythology made up of devils, angels, and unanswered questions. Though the visual lexicon of imagery is largely inspired by the biblically-spawned work of Sister Gertrude Morgan and the Reverend Howard Finster, two of the Deep South’s most prolific folk artists, this table was made for gambling and poker-playing. The labor and skill associated with inlaying linoleum (an inexpensive stand-in for marble) cannot be reconciled with the material’s relative cheapness.

©Reilly Blum
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