45” x 50”
Temperate grasslands — what we know as the prairie — are the least protected landscape on Earth. Grasslands aren’t sublime like mountains; their vast, quiet beauty is much easier to destroy.

AgriQuilt #1, made in rural Nebraska, is a reflection of how so much of the Great Plains has been gridded into massive industrial farming blocks, each side a mile long. This system cannot be neatly demonized or defended. Though it dries out the land and homogonizes the soil, it is also foundational to the US food supply. There is a strange but lonely beauty to this landscape. Satellite-operated farming equipment negates the need for visible human labor, and so the land seems always to be empty. Brilliantly golden cornfields in the light of early morning and not a soul in sight. 

AgriQuilt #1 is part of an ongoing project that uses patchworking to explore land use.

©Reilly Blum
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