b. Atlanta, 1998

Reilly Blum wears many hats: artist, writer, researcher, historian, wanderer — but above all she seeks to be a rememberer. She studies the intermeshings of land use, infrastructure, and craft. Her process often begins with historical or archival research, which she distills into glyphs; later, these lexicons of symbols become objects. 

Reilly’s practice is interdisciplinary. She collaborates frequently in furniture design with Amos Kang. Reilly was recently a resident at Art Farm in Nebraska, where she used quilting as a vehicle for investigating the relationship between large-scale industrial farms and the Nebraska prairie, guided by research undertaken at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln. She has worked in Atlanta’s film industry, supporting a feature film and TV show, and has interned with The Collaborative, a planning firm that catalyzes sustainable, anti-sprawl redevelopment. Currently, she supports the Department of Visual Arts at Brown University. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Reilly likes lottery tickets, boiled peanuts, and surprises. <3

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